July, 1950 Rio Grande Timetable

Since yesterday’s 1948 timetable, color photos have replaced black-and-white and the California Zephyr has replaced the Exposition Flyer on the cover. The cover photo of the Royal Gorge shows the train in the same spot as yesterday’s, but scrutiny reveals different patterns in the whitewater on the river. It wasn’t easy to convert color to black-and-white in those days, so the photographer took two photos, probably using different cameras mounted on the same tripod, while the train was waiting in the gorge.

Click image to download an 14.7-MB PDF of this timetable.

The Marysville branch lost its passenger service, but all of the other Rio Grande passenger trains were apparently still operating in 1950. The timetable has expanded from 16 to 20 pages, mainly to give each train more room in larger print.

The 1948 timetable also included schedules for several bus routes operated by Rio Grande Trailways. By 1950, the Rio Grande had decided to no longer operate buses, so most the buses that remain on this timetable are listed for Continental Trailways, including a bus from Durango to Mesa Verde National Park.

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