1960 Dude Ranches

Burlington’s 1947 dude ranch booklet, shown here last week, has a very different cover from this one, but inside they are almost identical. Most of the text and pictures are the same, so much so that it is a surprise to find a picture that has changed. One photo in the 1947 booklet shows a woman with a clearly dated hairstyle, but some others seem to have been changed for little or no reason.

Click image to download a 8.8-MB PDF of this 20-page booklet.

The lists of ranches have changed, of course. The number of ranches in the Cody area (which now includes ranches as far away as Gallatin Gateway) has grown from 50 to 54, while the number in Colorado has grown from 30 to 45. The number listed for northwestern Montana and “other,” however, has shrunk from 19 to 9. I fondly remember visits to at least two of the Gallatin Gateway ranches, Lone Mountain and Elkhorn, and I’m sure many more on these lists are still active.

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