1961 Burlington Condensed Timetable

This version of Burlington’s timetable is just six pages long. One page has Chicago-Denver-Oakland. A second has Chicago-Minneapolis-Pacific Northwest with Chicago-Kansas City tucked in underneath it. A third page has a map with timetables for St. Louis-Minneapolis and Denver-Houston beneath it. A half page has Kansas City-Billings and Denver-Billings.

Click image to download a 4.5-MB PDF of this timetable.

Two full pages are devoted to train and sleeping car fares, something that is usually left out of condensed timetables. Chicago-Denver was $31.46 coach, plus $7.40 for a parlor car seat or $8.50 for a Slumbercoach, the extra $1.10 being well worth it. The same trip with a lower berth, which required a first-class ticket, was $52.50. Multiply prices times eight to get today’s dollars.

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