NP October 1962 Timetable

The cover of this timetable is the same as that of the October, 1960 edition shown here a few days ago. Shockingly, the biggest change in the timetable is the addition of a full hour to the time of the westbound North Coast Limited. Where in 1960 the train left Chicago at 12:10 pm and arrived in Seattle at 7:30 am two days later, in 1962 the Seattle arrival was delayed to 8:30 am. Much of this seems to be “pad” added to allow late trains to “catch up” before reaching the main destinations.

Click image to download a 22.6-MB PDF of this 32-page timetable.

The eastbound North Coast Limited timetable isn’t changed at all. Both east- and westbound Mainstreeters have a few minutes added to their schedules: 5 minutes westbound and 10 minutes eastbound. But neither of these additions is as dramatic as the full-hour added to the North Coast Limited.

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