NP October 1960 Timetable

Northern Pacific’s May, 1960 timetable had the same cover, featuring the North Coast Limited‘s observation car, that had been used on NP timetable covers since at least May, 1957. But the October timetable shown here features instead the dome car in an image that simultaneously shows what its like to be inside the dome and a wide view of the scenery outside.

Click image to download a 22.9-MB PDF of this timetable.

This image of the dome car was also used on NP’s Your Northwest Adventure booklet, though there it was in four colors while the timetable uses only three, giving it a washed-out look. Although the North Coast Limited retained its observation cars for several more years, the focus on the dome in this cover image shows that the domes have become the preferred location for most passengers.

Glancing through the timetable, the only major change I see from May 1960 is that the Burlington has added another 15 minutes of pad to the eastbound North Coast Limited‘s arrival in Chicago. This is a come-down for the railroad that once operated the fastest trains in the world. There may be other changes in the local train schedules, but I didn’t do a page-by-page review.

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