NP 1961 Ticket Envelope

This ticket envelope was printed in November, 1961. It was used by a Portlander named Paul Munsell who took the North Coast Limited to Chicago, then an Illinois Central train to Rantoul, Illinois. For some reason, on the return trip, he took the North Coast Limited to East Auburn, Washington, and then a Seattle-Portland train to Portland.

Click image to download a 877-KB PDF of this ticket envelope.

An itinerary on the inside of the envelope lists the month and day of the trip but not the year. The itinerary has the North Coast Limited departing Portland at 3 pm, which is the time in all of my post-1961 timetables, and arriving in Chicago at 2:55 pm, which is the time in none of my post-1961 timetables, all of which have the train arriving no later than 2 pm. So this may have been from later than 1966 (my most recent timetable), or it could have been an error by the ticket agent.

Click image to download a PDF of this postcard.

Rantoul is a town on the Illinois Central that was actually named for one of its original board members. The above postcard, which is not railroad issued, shows the Illinois Central train station for Rantoul/Chanute Field, the latter being an Air Force base that was closed in 1993.

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