NP May 1963 Timetable

After three years of using this illustration, this would be the penultimate Northern Pacific timetable to feature the close-up view of a dome car on the cover. I don’t have an October, 1963 timetable, which used this same cover, but as we will see in the next few days, 1964 timetable covers would look very different.

Click image to download a 21.1-MB PDF of this 32-page timetable.

The timetable itself hasn’t changed much from the previous edition, at least for the railway’s main trains. The time of the eastbound North Coast Limited has been cut by fifteen minutes, all at the Burlington end of the route. The westbound time is unchanged. The Mainstreeter in both directions would have departure times changed by about an hour and add about five minutes to the overall trip.

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