Miscellaneous UP Postcards

These cards don’t fit into any broader category, so I’m just including them here together. The first was mailed from Washington, DC to Guthrie Center, Iowa, in 1913. The card says, “We are all at home now,” so perhaps the sender took a UP/C&NW train from Iowa to Chicago. The UP line that connects with the Wabash in Kansas City doesn’t go through Iowa.

Click any images to download a PDF of that postcards.

At more than 1,300 acres, Forest Park is one of the largest city parks in the country. In 1904, it was the site of both the Louisiana Purchase Exposition and the summer Olympics.

We’ve previously seen a collection of eleven “Your America” postcards, one for each state served by the Union Pacific. This card must have been part of the same set. All are based on illustrations commissioned by the Union Pacific for advertising/a> at the end of World War II.

The Your America campaign included a radio show that was broadcast by 123 stations. Each episode featured a true story about Americans at work and during the war. This card shows some of the cast members and musicians in the program.

Linen postcards such as this one are supposed to date from before 1940. But this card uses the name “Hoover Dam,” and Union Pacific generally called it Boulder Dam when that was the official name. The name was changed back to Hoover in 1947, so the card must be from after that year.

The back of this card says “Union Pacific Railroad Company,” beneath which is a thick black line, beneath which is printed “Milwaukee Road” in a slightly different font. No doubt the black line covers up “Chicago & North Western.” Union Pacific moved its passenger trains from the C&NW to the Milwaukee in October, 1955, so the card was probably printed shortly before that and then the Milwaukee name was added after that.

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