CN Maple Leaf Tours: Chicago, 1965

This booklet is four pages longer than the Montreal guide, but like the Montreal one, it offers nine tours. The four-day tours to Niagara Falls and New York City, however, aren’t included, and the shortest tours offered to Chicagoans are eight days long.

Click image to download an 5.2-MB PDF of this 20-page booklet.

The tours include: 1) 8 days to Toronto, Montreal, & GaspĂ©; 2) 16 days to Toronto, Montreal, GaspĂ©, & the Maritimes; 3) 11-day tour to Toronto, Montreal, Nova Scotia, & PEI; 4) 10-day tour to Toronto, Quebec City, Montreal, & Ottawa; 5) 11-day tour to Jasper, Lake Louise, and Banff; 6) 18-day tour to Jasper, Vancouver, & Alaska; 7) 16-day tour to Jasper, Vancouver, Seattle, & Yellowstone; 8) 8-day tour to Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, & a five-day Saguenay Cruise; and 9) 9-day tour to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, & the New York World’s Fair.

Tours 4 and 9 seem particularly boring to me. Did anyone actually take tour 9? If I were going to the New York World’s Fair, I wouldn’t want to waste my time on side trips to Toronto and Ottawa. The most expensive tour is, of course, to Alaska, which is about $800; multiply prices by eight to get today’s dollars.

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