Canadian National 1954 System Map

The cover of this map shows the streamlined, Dieselized Super Continental in place of the semi-streamlined, steam-powered Continental Limited that was on the cover of earlier editions. CN introduced this train on April 24, 1955, the same day that Canadian Pacific introduced its stainless-steel dome-car equipped Canadian.

Click image to download a 13.7-MB PDF of this brochure.

The brochure now has four color photos, two of Jasper Lodge and one each of Minaki and Pictou lodges. The map and text are nearly identical to the 1947 map. One minor change is the 1947 map describes Jasper as “the largest park in America” while 1954 changes this to “largest playground in America.” Someone must have told CN about Wood Buffalo National Park, which–since it was established in 1922–was and is more than four times larger than Jasper.

Another difference is that rates at Jasper Lodge increased from $10 a day in 1947 (about $130 today) to $15.50 a day in 1954 (about $142 today), both including meals. Rates at the other two lodges grew from $6 to $9 (Pictou) and $9.50 (Minaki).

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