Canadian National 1955 Freight Map

As shown in the image below, one panel of this brochure shows off CN passenger trains, but the rest is devoted to describing CN’s expedited shipping services. The main map is identical to the one used in the 1954 map, while four smaller maps must be oriented to exporters to the United States as they show CN facilities in Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo, and on the Central of Vermont.

Click image to download a 13.0-MB PDF of this brochure.

Canadian National would not be completely Dieselized until 1960. But this brochure gives no hint that the railway is still relying on steam locomotion. A photo of a Diesel is accompanied by a caption reading, “Diesel locomotives haul freight trains smoothly and swiftly on the Grand Trunk Western.” Note that this doesn’t mean GTW was exclusively using Diesels; like parent CN, it continued to use steam locomotives until 1960.

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