1961 Fisherman’s Wharf Coffee Shop Dinner Menu

We’ve seen this cover before on a 1960 dinner menu. The menu side is identical to yesterday’s, complete with the elegant cyan background. Curiously, the City of Portland menus call the secondary restaurant a “cafe-lounge” (and include a list of alcoholic beverages), while the City of San Francisco menus call it a “coffee shop” and don’t incorporate a beverage menu.

Click image to download a 1.5-MB PDF of this menu.

Despite being a mere coffee shop menu, this does have some touches of elegance besides the cyan background color. These include mulligatawny soup, consume chiffonade, double-rib lamb chops, country-style chicken, and triple-decker ham-and-cheese sandwiches. The menu is significantly more extensive than the cafe-lounge menus on the Portland train.

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