Bay Bridge 1961 Dinner Menu

This menu uses the exact same photo that was used in a 1947 menu but cropped to fit on the front cover rather than wrap around to the back, with the result that one of the towers of the bridge is outside the photo frame. The menu is unusual in another way as well: the menu side has a cyan background forming rectangles behind some of the text (visible as a yellowing on the photo side).

Click image to download a 1.4-MB PDF of this menu.

Like yesterday’s, the menu itself is for the City of San Francisco‘s coffee shop car. It offers a lot of items, though none very fancy: table d’hôte meals include corned beef hash, omelet, fresh unspecified fish, and roast turkey, while the a la carte side also has lamb chops, chicken, and sandwiches including a hamburger. The roast turkey is the most expensive meal at $3, or $25 in today’s money.

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