Hoover Dam 1958 Café Dinner Menu

Union Pacific issued at least four different wrap-around color menus featuring Boulder/Hoover Dam, starting with a canyon-bottom view similar to this one in 1947, followed by an overhead view as early as 1948. After this one appeared in the late 1950s, another canyon-bottom view, with different models, was issued in the late 1960s. The text to the left of the photos is nearly the same on all four with the exception of the change from Boulder to Hoover and, in the late 1960s menu, the addition of a short paragraph about fishing in Lake Mead.

Click image to download a 1.7-MB PDF of this menu.

The menu side of this edition says it was for Cafe Lounge Car Service on the City of Portland. The left side of the menu lists beverages while the right side squeezes in four table d’hôte meals–New York steak, halibut, fried chicken, and ham–and numerous a la carte offerings including deluxe hamburger, several other sandwiches, salads, desserts, and hot beverages.

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