Columbia Gorge 1958 Dinner Menu

Here’s another menu in the strange, non-wrap-around format. Even stranger, this menu uses the exact-same photo that was used on other Columbia Gorge menus, only the two people at the bottom of the photo in the other menus have been cropped out. One of the other menus is dated four years before this menu and the other two years after, so it can’t be a case of trying to hide outdated hair or clothing styles.

Click image to download a 1.4-MB PDF of this menu.

Like a Mt. Hood menu we’ve seen, this menu also has a second fold for a little flap that does nothing but display the UP logo on one side and the name of the train on the other. UP seems to have used this style only on dinner menus, and then–despite the extra space–only included table d’hôte meals on such menus. In fact, this menu is exactly the same as the Mt. Hood menu: both dated August, 1958 and offering trout, chicken, omelet, prime rib, and sirloin steak.

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