Le Chateau Champlain 1967 Dinner Menu

Despite the cover, this menu was not used in le Chateau Champlain but on board a Canadian Pacific dining car, possibly on a train between Montréal and Toronto or Montréal and Halifax. This is one of Canadian Pacific’s crasser efforts to cross-advertise its properties through menus, but it may be partially excused because the hotel, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright student Roger D’Astons, had just opened in 1967 in time for the Montréal Expo.

Click image to download a 2.3-MB PDF of this menu.

The menu is typical for the era with the table d’hôte side offering sirloin steak, unspecified fish, beef stroganoff, lamb chops, and roast turkey. All of these are also entrées on the a la carte side. Whoever priced the menu was very creative, as stepping up from a la carte to table d’hôte added just 75 cents to the price of the stroganoff, $1 to the turkey and lamb, $1.10 to the fish, and $1.25 to the steak. Multiply prices by about 7.2 to get today’s Canadian dollars.

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