Burlington-Santa Fe Summer 1929 Tours

In 1929, Burlington and Santa Fe teamed up with the Rio Grande and Western Pacific to offer escorted tours from Chicago to the West Coast. We’ve already seen the 20-page tour booklet for winter, 1929, which advertised 21-day tours leaving Chicago twice a month in January, February, and March.

Click image to download a 15.0-MB PDF of this booklet.

This booklet for the summer offers two- and three-week tours to California, three- and four-week tours to the Pacific Northwest and California, three- and four-week tours to Yellowstone, Colorado, and California, and five- to seven-week tours to Hawaii. Naturally, the booklet is longer than the winter edition, filling 36 pages with many photos but only a small amount of text repeated from the winter booklet.

The cover of the winter booklet was printed on high-grade, textured paper. The paper on this one is cheaper, still cover grade but not textured. Whether due to the stock market crash or a poor response to the 1929 tours, I haven’t seen any evidence that the Burlington-Santa Fe partnership continued in 1930.

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