Monument Valley 1961 Dinner Menu

We’ve seen this painting before when it was used on a 1950 menu for the Santa Fe’s Grand Canyon train. In this case, it was used on the El Capitan, and I interpret the date code at the bottom of the menu, “5-1-1,” to mean May 1, 1961. Don’t ask my why they left the 6 off.

Click image to download a 1.3-MB PDF of this menu.

The items on the menu aren’t as fancy or numerous as those on yesterday’s Super Chief menu, but the prices are lower. No filet mignon, or any steaks at all. The fanciest dinner entrée is “flaked breast of chicken, calf’s sweetbreads and fresh mushrooms, Escoffier,” for $2 (about $16.50 today). Other table d’hôte entrées include salmon steak, braised loin end of beef, and Spanish omelette. The a la carte side also has baked beans and chef’s salad. Instead of Hungarian Dobosh cake, there is a plain layer cake as well as cherry pie and apple pie a la mode.

Thanks to Streamliner Memories reader Paul Busby for providing this menu to scan. It certainly makes an interesting comparison with the Super Chief menu.

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