Resorts in the Canadian Rockies

This 1929 booklet has many black-and-white photographs, but its heart is the nine paintings printed in full color. These paintings were done by seven different artists: three by Carl Rungius (1869-1959) and one each by A. C. Leighton (1901-1965), Adam Sherriff Scott (1887-1980), Donald Maxwell (1877-1936), Richard M. Kimbel (1865-1942), Belmore Browne (1906-1980), and Leonard Richmond (1889-1936).

Click image to download a 40.4-MB PDF of this 28-page booklet.

Canadian Pacific published this booklet in several editions over the years, starting as early as 1903. A 1916 edition is downloadable from A 1924 edition had a large, fold-out map. Paintings by many of the same artists were in the 1928 edition, which featured an Indian chief on the cover while the 1930 edition had Banff Springs Hotel on the cover.


Resorts in the Canadian Rockies — 1 Comment

  1. I kind of like the three column layout of this. Makes it much easier to read than text and pictures scattered all over the place. I don’t know if it was the CP or just Canada in 1928, but this brochure is replete with unusual or obsolete words. “Neve” for a snowfield and”Caravanserai” as a term meaning hotel are two examples of words rarely encountered today. I really like the description of some of the “walks” in the brochure. I’ve hiked a few of these, and one has an 800 foot elevation increase every mile for over three miles. These were then, and are today, killer hikes. Maybe the 1928 version of the park visitor was stouter soul than me.


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