Mt. Hood 1959 Dinner Menu

The cover of this menu is identical to one we have seen before, but this particular one was issued in January 1959, five months after the other one. The menu offerings are a little different: salmon, omelet, lamb chops, ham, or sirloin steak instead of trout, chicken, omelet, prime rib, and sirloin steak.

Click image to download a 2.1-MB PDF of this menu.

This particular menu also came with two little tags paper-clipped in. One tag gives the name of the steward while the other offers a “Special Domeliner Dinner” of pot roast, potatoes, peas, “perfection salad,” dinner rolls, beverage, and “grapenut cup custard” for dessert, all for $2.75 (about $23 in today’s money). This made it the least-expensive meal on the menu, while at $5 (nearly $42 in today’s money), the charcoal broiled steak was the most-expensive.

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