Zion Park 1940 Dinner Menu

Although the cover design is very different from the color-photo menus that UP used in the late 1930s and early 1930s, the text on the back cover is very similar to the text on earlier menus that featured the Great White Throne. The switch from color to black-and-white photos is puzzling; on one hand, black-and-white cost less, but on the other hand, printing the photos to all four edges of the paper cost more.

Click image to download a 2.3-MB PDF of this menu.

Inside, the menu is similar to yesterday’s, except this one comes with a mimeographed insert describing five table d’hôte meals, including halibut, creamed chicken, lamb chops, omelet, and roast beef in addition to the sirloin steak. The a la carte side is also similar with the addition of “oysters, broiled or fried,” “milk stew,” and “cream stew.”

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