University of Washington 1949 Menu

Today is Streamliner Memories‘ fourth birthday, and following a tradition begun last year I am celebrating with the first of a series of Union Pacific’s color wrap-around photo menus. Today’s menu features the University of Washington on its cover and, being dated August, 1949, is the earliest example I’ve seen in UP’s university series. The photo features Condon Hall (since renamed Gowen Hall) and Savery Hall, which are described as “modern, clean-cut buildings.” Built in 1932, they are in fact gothic in style, though UP’s use of the word “modern” may not have referred to the architectural style. The 16,000 students mentioned on the cover have since grown to 45,000.

Click image to download a 1.4-MB PDF of this menu.

The interior of this menu has a detailed a la carte side but the table d’hôte side is blank. This suggests that, at least in 1949, UP maintaind a standard a la carte menu for all trains and printed the table d’dôte side depending on what its commissary had in stock.

Over the past four years, I’ve posted nearly 2,000 PDFs of rail memorabilia, with more from Union Pacific than any other railroads–I count 368–closely followed by Great Northern (347), and more distantly followed by Santa Fe (214), Northern Pacific (160), Canadian Pacific (115), Southern Pacific (112), and Burlington (99). Other railroads have 50 or fewer items. If you have downloaded everything, you would have close to 12 gigabytes of PDFs.

I’ve scanned just about every paper item in my collection other that a few large items such as calendars and roll-up maps. Though I’m running low on some railroads, I have enough items to keep posting every day through August, 2017. You can expect to see about two months worth of Union Pacific items, then roughly a month each of Southern Pacific, Great Northern, Northern Pacific, Burlington-Rio Grande-Western Pacific, southern and eastern railroads, midwestern railroads, manufacturers, and finally some early Amtrak and Via items. I hope you enjoy them.

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