Santa Fe 1971 Kachina Doll Lunch Menu

Dated January 10, 1971, this must have been one of the last menus before Amtrak took over. We’ve seen the cover before, in sepia tones, on a E.I. Couse, who also did the Blanket Weaver painting on a menu posted here a few weeks ago. As noted then, the Indians in both paintings (who are likely based on the same model) are apparently doing different things but in the same pose.

Click image to download a 1.3-MB PDF of this menu.

Like yesterday’s menu, this one doesn’t list a train name though it has the same cryptic code, “1-17EC15.” The menu itself is pretty limited, offering entrĂ©es of salmon, spaghetti, and short ribs; a chicken sandwich; a hamburger; and a couple of salads, leaving room enough for a children’s menu as well.

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