Rock Island Colorado-California Blotters

These blotters from the Dale Hastin collection advertise Rock Island trains to Colorado and California. The first one, which mentions an agent in Cincinnati, encourages people to go to California via Colorado and Yellowstone “all for one low round trip fare.” Rock Island could get people to Colorado and from California back to Chicago (but not via Colorado), but it depended on Union Pacific to get people from Colorado to Yellowstone and from Yellowstone to California and Southern Pacific to get people from the Bay Area to Los Angeles.

Click image to download a 553-KB PDF of this blotter.

Other than representing an agent in Minneapolis, the next blotter looks similar to the previous one. However, it advertises “all-expense tours” rather than simply round-trip fares.

Click image to download a 532-KB PDF of this blotter.

The next blotter lists agents who are apparently in Oklahoma City as the schedule shown for the Memphis Californian is between Oklahoma City and Los Angeles. These blotters are all probably from the early 1930s.

Click image to download a 348-KB PDF of this blotter.

Finally, we have a blotter advertising the Golden State and Apache. The blotter shows the time the two westbound trains leave Kansas City, yet has an Oklahoma City address.

Click image to download a 500-KB PDF of this blotter.

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