1950 California Zephyr

We’ve previously seen a 1957 version of this booklet. This one has 12 pages while the 1957 edition had 16. Pretty much all of the pages in this one, except the cover, are also in the 1957 edition, with slight changes to the text.

Click image to download a 6.0-MB PDF of this booklet.

The big difference is the cover. Both have illustrations by Bruce Bomberger, who also did advertisements for Chevrolet, Levi’s, and a wide variety of other companies via his employer, Patterson & Hall (whose web site today implies the California Zephyr was a Southern Pacific train). The full-page illustration on the 1950 booklet is more striking than the two half-page illustrations on the 1957 version, but considering that the booklet might be folded in half for display purposes, the half-page pictures might have made more sense.

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