1941 Exposition Flyer

The Golden Gate Exposition ended in 1940, but the Burlington-Rio Grande-Western Pacific train named after it was so successful that the railroads kept it going. This attractive train booklet creatively uses just three colors of ink–blue, orange, and black–on most pages. The front cover is the only page that shows anything in green, and I suspect they somehow mixed the orange and blue to get that shade.

Click image to download a 10.6-MB PDF of this 16-page booklet.

Although this booklet doesn’t have a timetable, sightseers would have found this train to be an improvement over its predecessor, the Scenic Limited. While that train went through the Feather River Canyon at least partly in darkness in both directions, the Exposition Flyer was scheduled to go through both the Rockies and the Sierras in daylight westbound, though partly or mostly in darkness eastbound.


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  1. I agree – the limited ink colors are used very effectively, and on every page. The blocks of color and duotone photos give the illusion that it used more expensive printing.

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