Ranch Life in the Buffalo Bill Country

This 60-page booklet describes about two dozen dude ranches located near Cody, Wyoming. It also includes several pages on other attractions in the Cody area, including the Buffalo Bill Museum, the Cody Stampede (rodeo), and the Cody Road. There’s no date in the booklet itself, but a fold-out map in back is dated 1931.

Click image to download a 24.4-MB PDF of this booklet.

Many of the dude ranches and lodges listed in the booklet still exist, including the Crossed Sabres Ranch, Elephant Head Lodge, Four Bear Ranch, Pahaska Tepee, and Rimrock Ranch. What was once the Morris Ranch and Lazy Bar H Ranch are doing business as the Bill Cody Ranch. Others still exist but have changed their focus. What the booklet describes as Black Water Lodge is now a complete guest ranch. The L Bar T is now a bison ranch and no longer a guest ranch. Camp Senia is out of business but some of its cabins are protected as a historic district. Camp Sawtooth is also gone. I may have missed a couple, but I can’t find much mention of the rest on line.

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