Burlington Scenic Postcards

In August, 1927, someone on a Burlington Escorted Tour sent the following postcard from the Lake Hotel in Yellowstone to a friend in Chicago. “Will endeavor to tell you about this wonderfull Co. when I get back if language don’t fail me,” they wrote. We can only speculate whether “Co.” refers to the tour company, hotel company, or something else entirely.

Click image to download a 410-KB PDF of this postcard.

The next card isn’t a postcard but an advertisement for Burlington Escorted Tours to Glacier Park. One edge of the card was perforated, suggested another card was torn off to send for more information about the tours. The card mentions that Burlington Escorted Tours “were exceedingly popular last year,” implying that was the first year they took place. If so, this card is from 1926.

Click image to download a 487-KB PDF of this advertising card.

The next postcard shows a statue of Buffalo Bill that is still located in Cody, Wyoming. The statue was sculpted by Grace Vanderbilt Whitney, who not only contributed her work but paid for the land and installation in 1924. A granddaughter of the founder of the New York Central Railroad, Whitney later founded the Whitney Museum of American Art.

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It seems like I should have already posted this postcard of the 1936 Denver Zephyr in Galesburg, Illinois. I can’t find any record of it, however, so I’m showing it here. The postcard was not issued by the Burlington Route, which is probably why I haven’t previously posted it.

Click image to download a 258-KB PDF of this postcard.

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