Trail Riding in 1935

Though this booklet has nearly the same title as yesterday’s, it is completely different from front to back. Perhaps to help promote Great Northern’s 1935 book of Winold Reiss’ paintings, this booklet features a painting of a Blackfeet Indian boy that was not in the Reiss book.

Click image to download a 20.5-MB PDF of this 32-page booklet.

The 1935 copyright note on the cover refers to the painting, not the booklet itself, but the booklet probably came out that year or shortly thereafter. The booklet mentions Olympic National Forest, but not Olympic Park, so it was published before 1938, when that park was created.

Inside, the text has been completely rewritten and most if not all photos are new. While both versions have 32 pages, the earlier edition had just 8 full-page photos plus 19 pages of text with small photos. By comparison, this one has just two pages of text and 22 pages of large photos with brief captions. While the older edition had green trim on the inside that was mainly lines or boxes, this one has brown trim featuring faux-Indian representations of horses and riders. The brown trail markings also make the map on page 27 much easier to read than an otherwise similar map on page 22 of the earlier edition.

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