Through the American Rockies on the NP

Here is another brochure in the same series as yesterday’s, with four 8-1/2″x11″ panels that unfold into a brochure of about 33″x11″. Also like yesterday’s, this one is undated, but it uses the phrase “completely air-conditioned,” which puts it to 1937 or later.

Click image to download an 6.1-MB PDF of this brochure.

One photo shows the North Coast Limited being pulled by 4-6-2 locomotive 3322–the same photo used by Baldwin in its advertisement for the 4-8-4s it built for P. Railroads usually liked to show off their latest locomotives in their ads, yet 4-8-4s started to replace the 4-6-2s in 1926. This must be a rare occasion where railroad marketing didn’t bother to show off the latest power.


Through the American Rockies on the NP — 1 Comment

  1. Kind of a stretch to include the Dakota Badlands in mountain ranges. I’d guess this was produced at about the same time as the Seattle and Portland brochures, so something in 1938. As with pictures in those brochures, some are much older than the date of the brochure, and I suspect the NP just recycled the picture of a fast moving locomotive assuming hardly anyone then would notice it was an older locomotive. It wasn’t until the streamliners and diesels came that NP made sure they showed the latest equipment. Before that, a steam engine was just a steam engine unless it was a big articulated.

    Regards, Jim

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