Your Shasta Daylight Trip

This 1951 brochure unfolds to be 32 inches long and provides a station-by-station description of the trip from Portland to Oakland and San Francisco. At the time the brochure was made, passengers still rode a Southern Pacific ferry from Oakland to San Francisco, “passing under the huge San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, longest in the world,” which would soon put the ferries out of business.

Click image to download a PDF of this brochure.

Compared with the Shasta Route’s 12-page 1950 along-the-way booklet, this one is flimsy and filled with print that is hard to read both because it is small and because of the poor contrast between the light green ink and white paper. It is possible that SP continued to publish the larger booklet for first-class passengers while this brochure was given to coach passengers.

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