1927 Southern California Booklet

Embossed cover booklets for California, Colorado, the Pacific Northwest, Yellowstone, Southern Utah parks, and summer escorted tours all also appear in later incarnations with maps or color photos on the covers. But this embossed cover booklet for Southern California is the only one for that region. Considering that the 60-page California booklet has numerous photos of Southern California, several in color, this all black-and-white photo booklet seems redundant, which is probably why there are no later versions.

Click image to download an 18.8-MB PDF of this 36-page booklet.

Northern Pacific purchased its first 4-8-4 locomotives, named Northerns after that railroad, the year before this booklet came out. But on the Union Pacific, 4-8-2 Mountain locomotives, one of which–number 7038–is pictured on page 29 of this booklet, would continue to be the premiere passenger power for another decade.

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