Pacific Northwest–1929

This 1929 Pacific Northwest booklet has a green cover reminiscent of the evergreen forests that blanket much of the Northwest as well as Southeast Alaska. The image embossed into the front cover is Oregon’s Multnomah Falls, which is visible from Union Pacific trains as shown on page 4 of the booklet.

Click image to download a 28.2-MB PDF of this 52-page booklet.

Profusely illustrated with black-and-white photos (but sadly none in color), this booklet has several pages each on Oregon and Washington, a couple of pages each on British Columbia and Alaska, and three-fourths of a page on Idaho. The photos seem to be placed without regard to the discussion on adjacent pages; for example, there is a full-page photo of Old Faithful on page 43 yet there is little or no mention of Yellowstone or Wyoming anywhere in the booklet.

The booklet includes four photos of the recently completed Columbia River Highway, which (as previously noted) was originally conceived by Sam Hill and designed by Samuel C. Lancaster. One of the first well-engineered intercity highways in America, the twisty, windy road connected Portland with Hood River, and was great for tourists but hardly a threat to the railroads due to its slow speeds and short length.

This particular booklet was issued by UP’s partner Chicago & North Western, and has just the C&NW logo on the cover. However, it is substantially similar to UP booklets of the same time period. I have a Union Pacific booklet dated 1927 that has similar text and many of the same photos; unfortunately, my copy is missing the middle four pages. I’ll post that booklet as soon as I can rectify that.

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