1956 Southern Utah Parks Booklet

This is an updated version of a 1950 booklet. The two booklets have many of the same photos and much the same text. In addition to having a different cover, the newer edition has five new color photos of scenery, and all of the black-and-white photos of Union Pacific train interiors have been replaced by color photos of domeliner interiors.

Click image to download a 14.9-MB PDF of this 44-page booklet.

Three of the interior photos are familiar from Union Pacific postcards. But one shows the interior of a dining car that I haven’t seen before. The tablecloths are yellow and the waiter is holding a menu with a photo of Graumman’s Chinese Theater on the cover.

Although Union Pacific had daily streamliners by 1950, it also had plenty of heavyweight trains such as the Los Angeles Limited and Pacific Limited. So a Willmarth graphic of a steam-powered train on page 19 of the 1950 edition isn’t a surprise, nor is it surprising that it was replaced by a bright yellow domeliner in the 1956 edition.

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