Along the Route of the City of Portland

This 1959 brochure is a companion to a City of Los Angeles brochure published in the same year. The railroad still published full, 48-page along-the-way booklets for the entire system, but apparently hoped it could save money by giving some passengers these brochures that were effectively just six pages long.

Click image to download a 3.2-MB PDF of this brochure.

In addition to milepost information about cities and sights between Chicago and Portland, the brochure includes black-and-white (or, considering the color of ink used on the brochure, rose-and-white) photos of the Chicago skyline, Mt. Hood, and the City of Portland in the Columbia River Gorge. But it is nowhere near as detailed or as interesting as the full, 48-page along-the-way booklets that UP also published.

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