1930s Streamliner Blotters

These four blotters from the Dale Hastin collection advertise streamliners in the late 1930s. PDFs are about 300 to 500 KB in size.

The M-10001, whose face is on this blotter, operated as the City of Portland from June, 1935 to June, 1939, so the blotter probably dates from around 1936 to 1938. Union Pacific’s 1937 timetable shows a different departure time for the Pacific Limited than is shown on this blotter, so it probably pre-dates that year.

This blotter says, “This year two Super-Streamliners” with 5,400-horsepower locomotives will serve as the City of Los Angeles and City of San Francisco. The image illustrating this locomotive is wrong, as those trains used General Motors E2 engines that didn’t have a grill. In any case, that indicates that this blotter was probably designed in 1936 to be issued in 1937, the year these trains entered service.

The 49er was a semi-streamlined, steam-powered train that carried first-class passengers to the Golden Gate Exposition in 1939 and 1940, so this blotter dates from one of those years.

All of the trains named on this blotter were in operation from 1936 to 1942, so the blotter dates from that time period.

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