UP Blotters from Before 1933

Here are some more blotters from the Dale Hastin collection. With one exception, they are of indeterminate date, but most appear to be from before 1933. Click images to download PDFs, which are about 500 to 600 KB in size.

The beautiful colors in the illustrations of national parks on this blotter are somewhat muted by the background color; they would have been more dramatic on a white or other light background. I would guess this blotter is from the 1920s.

Construction began on Union Pacific’s Omaha station in 1929 and it opened in 1931, so this blotter must be from from 1929 or 1930.

This blotter, which seemingly plays upon popular western movies or dime novels, is from no later than 1932, after which UP stopped using the word “system” in its logo.

Another Union Pacific System blotter that dates from 1932 or before.


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  1. LOL. The “jazz-burg” towns described on the first blotter could easily be used to describe another town on the 2015 UP – Las Vegas. I wonder if the UP of 85 years ago could have ever foreseen the Nevada of today. I doubt it.

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