1965 Sun Valley Golf Cafe Menu

Here’s a coffee shop dinner menu that was issued for the City of Los Angeles in 1965. Like yesterday’s menu, half of this one is devoted to beverages and fountain service. The other half lists four table d’hôte meals and an a la carte list that is somewhat longer than yesterday’s.

Click image to download a 1.4-MB PDF of this menu.

While yesterday’s menu had six sandwiches and four salads, this one has eight sandwiches and five salads. But yesterday’s had, in addition to the a la carte, three “special suggestions” including hot roast beef sandwich, beans and Frankfurters, and a hamburger with French fries. The last is one of the sandwiches on today’s menu, but the other two are gone. All in all, between the diner with no a la carte and the cafe car, there is less variety on these menus than there was on the pre-1958 dinner menus such as this one.

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