1961 Monterey Coast Cafe Menu

Yesterday, we had a 1960 menu with no a la carte section, and I suggested that passengers who wanted a la carte meals were probably directed to the cafe car. If this menu is anything to go by, they might be disappointed there as well. Half the menu is devoted to beverages and ice cream while half the remainder has table d’hôte and other full meals, leaving only a small space for a few sandwiches and other a la carte items.

Click image to download a 1.7-MB PDF of this menu.

The fine print suggests that this menu was used on train 7 & 8, an unnamed train that went between Omaha and Ogden, connecting with a Milwaukee Road train in Omaha, the Portland Rose in Green River, and unnamed Los Angeles-Ogden train 5 & 6 in Ogden. This train did not carry a diner but had a cafe-lounge car with “moderately priced meal service,” which actually makes this menu even more disappointing. We’ve seen a City of Los Angeles 1959 coffee shop dinner menu, and it had only a few more selections than this one.

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