1957 Colorado Capitol Dinner Menu

This menu featuring the Colorado State Capitol with its distinctive golden dome was, appropriately enough, used on the City of Denver. Issued in January, 1957, the table d’hôte side features salmon ($2.50), lamb chops ($3.25), meat pie ($2.35), pork loin ($2.85), and the standard sirloin steak ($4.50) dinners. Multiply by seven to convert to today’s prices. The price of the a la carte club steak has risen from $2.50 in 1955 to $2.75 on this menu.

Click image to download a 1.4-MB PDF of this menu.

I’ve previously shown a 1953 postcard of a City of Denver dining car showing a menu that clearly has a photo of the Colorado state capitol, but–as shown in the enlargement below–it is not this photo as the menu in the postcard doesn’t have a 1940s-era car in it. So why did the UP use two photos of the Colorado capitol on its menus, and why was it still using one with a decade (or more)-old car parked in a no-parking zone in 1957?


1957 Colorado Capitol Dinner Menu — 1 Comment

  1. Maybe the UP liked old cars. 🙂 That’s either a ’41 or ’46 Pontiac “Torpedo”. Every kid in the 50’s knew this. I say might be a ’46 because they were released right after the end of the war with almost no changes from the ’41. I’m with you though. Why stick an old car in your face for a 1957 menu? I guess product placement hadn’t started yet or Ford or Chevy would have been happy to park a ’57 there.


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