Missouri Pacific 1960 Timetable

In 1960, MP had four trains a day between St. Louis and Kansas City. One, the Missouri River Eagle, continued to Omaha, while another, the Colorado Eagle, continued to Pueblo with a connection at Kansas City with the Los Angeles-bound Golden State. A third train, the Missourian, connected with another Rock Island train, once called the Californian but by 1960 unnamed, to Los Angeles.

Click image to download a 22.1-MB PDF of this 36-page timetable.

MP also had three trains between St. Louis and Dallas-Ft. Worth: the Texas Eagle (which went on to San Antonio), the Southerner, and the Texan. The Valley Eagle connected Houston with Brownsville, Texas. Other named trains included the Orleanean and Houstonian, which provided twice-daily service between Houston and New Orleans; the Pioneer, which also served the Houston-Brownsville line; the Louisiana Sunshine Special, once MP’s most-popular train, which connected St. Louis and New Orleans; and the San Antonio-Mexico City Aztec Eagle. Only the Eagle trains are advertised as being streamlined, but most of the other trains probably had some streamlined equipment.

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