Texas & Pacific 1960 Timetable

The Texas & Pacific basically consisted of a line from New Orleans to El Paso, which was probably viable in 1960 only because it was a part of the larger Missouri Pacific system. The railroad offered two passenger trains on this route: the Louisiana Eagle, which left New Orleans at 8 pm and arrived in El Paso 27-3/4 hours later; and the Louisiana Daylight, which was in daylight from New Orleans to Dallas but overnight from Dallas to El Paso, taking more than 30 hours. The Eagle had sleeping cars from New Orleans to Fort Worth, while the Daylight was coach-only for its entire length.

Click image to download a 2.6-MB PDF of this timetable, which has the equivalent of four 8″x9″ pages.

Both trains connected (but did not exchange through cars) with Southern Pacific trains to Los Angeles at El Paso. In Dallas, the Louisiana Eagle was also merged with part of the Texas Eagle, while the Daylight was merged with a train that the T&P timetable called the Westerner, but the MP timetable called the Southerner. The timetable doesn’t say anything about streamlining, but by 1960 most equipment was probably streamlined. Both trains offered a “dining-lounge car,” but only between Fort Worth and New Orleans, which meant that it served all meals on the Daylight but only one or two on the Eagle.

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