Frisco 1965 Timetable

At 32 pages, Frisco’s 1964 timetable was the same length as in 1959. But in 1965, the page count dropped to just 20. Worse, just two of those pages were sufficient to list the timetables of all of Frisco’s remaining passenger trains. The booklet actually had more pages devoted to freight schedules than to passengers.

Click image to download an 10.9-MB PDF of this 20-page timetable.

The Meteor had been replaced in St. Louis-Oklahoma City service by a train called the Oklahoman. The Kansas City-Florida Special was gone and the Sunnyland–a secondary train on the same route that only went as far as Birmingham–had been replaced by, or at least renamed as, the Southland. The Oklahoman and Southland met to exchange cars in Springfield, so most of the remaining passenger timetables are devoted to taking some combination of the two trains from one point on one of the trains to another point on the other train. The only other passenger train Frisco ran was a mixed train between Kansas City and Clinton, Missouri, that left KCity at the convenient hour of 3:30 am.

I’m pretty sure that this was the last Frisco timetable that used the painting of a Frisco train on the cover. The last run of the Oklahoman was completed on May 13, 1967, while the Southland continued to run until December 9, 1967. This timetable is from the collection of a former railroad executive whose family generously made it available to Streamliner Memories.

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