Frisco 1964 Timetable

The Kansas City-Oklahoma Firefly, Frisco’s first streamliner, bit the dust in 1960. While the Meteor was still on the timetable in 1964, it no longer went as far as Lawton, Oklahoma, terminating instead at Oklahoma City. The Meteor had also lost its dining car service sometime since 1959.

Click image to download an 18.1-MB PDF of this 32-page timetable.

The Kansas City-Florida Special still had a dining car, but only on the Southern Railway’s portion east of Birmingham; Frisco provided just a “chair-lounge-buffet” car on its portion of the route. The only other food service Frisco still offered on any train appears to have on on the Sunnyland, the railroad’s secondary train from Kansas City to Birmingham, and then only in a chair-lounge-buffet car on the Kansas City-Springfield portion of the trip.

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