MKT 1938 Timetable

As previously noted, the Katy’s main line went from Kansas City to Texas cities, with a meandering branch to St. Louis. In 1938, Katy had two daily trains, the Katy Limited and Katy Flyer, between Kansas City and San Antonio, with a third, the Sooner, from Kansas City to Oklahoma City. It also had two trains, the Texas Special and Bluebonnet, that went over Frisco’s route from St. Louis to Vinita, Oklahoma, then the Katy to Dallas.

Click image to download a 13.5-MB PDF of this 20-page timetable.

In addition, the Bluebonnet had a section going to Kansas City while a portion of the Katy Flyer split from or joined with the main train at Parsons, Oklahoma, to serve Katy’s own route to St. Louis. The St. Louis section of the Katy Flyer took 13 hours to get from St. Louis to Muskegon, Oklahoma, while the Texas Special and Bluebonnet took less than 10, though part of the difference may be due to fewer stops along the way.

In 1947, the streamlined Texas Special was fast enough to serve the full route between St. Louis and San Antonio using just two sets of equipment. But the pre-streamlined version could not, so the train terminated at Dallas, with a through sleeping car to San Antonio that, interestingly, went on a Southern Pacific train. The Kansas City trains went all the way to San Antonio using Katy’s own tracks. Other through cars to Houston connected with various Katy trains in Dallas and Fort Worth. The railroad also had plenty of unnamed trains, and a few motor cars, to cities like Waco, Wichita Falls, and Joplin.

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