Sophisticated Train Catchin’

The 1947 booklet is credited to cartoonist Don Herold, but it seems likely he did only the sketches, as the text draws heavily from other B&O publications of that era. The basic pitch is that Manhattan travelers would find it much easier to take a B&O bus from their hotel or other convenient stops to its Jersey City terminal than to find their way to Grand Central or Penn stations.

Click image to download a 9.8-MB PDF of this 24-page booklet.

B&O buses served Manhattan from stations on 42nd Street opposite Grand Central Terminal; Columbus Circle; Rockefeller Center; 34th Street; and in Brooklyn. On their way to Jersey City, they stopped at numerous hotels, saving many people taxi or transit rides to Grand Central or Penn stations.

This booklet has interior and exterior photos of B&O’s buses, which appear to have been unique to that railroad. One bus expert I consulted said they were probably White buses built in the late 1930s with custom-made streamlined bodies.

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