B&O/C&O 1967 Timetable

In the three years since yesterday’s 1964 edition, the B&O/C&O timetable shrank from 28 to 12 pages. Most of the main trains are still there–including the Capital Limited, National Limited, and George Washington–but the Shenandoah was renamed the Diplomat. Operating with a “food bar/coach” instead of a dining car, that train would not survive through to the end of 1967.

Click image to download an 8.1-MB PDF of this 12-page timetable.

Gone also are the subway-style map graphics, which took a lot of space and added little elegance to the timetable. The front cover featured famous people who still rode B&O/C&O trains: movie star Dorothy Lamour, West Virginia Senator Jennings Randolph, and baseball star Brooks Robinson.

Inside, page 2 illustrates that passengers on the Capital Limited and George Washington would get to enjoy recent movies including “The Russians Are Coming” and “Khartoum.” Judging from the photograph, this was apparently done by lowering a screen at one end of a coach and projecting the movie on to the screen. Sleeping car passengers must have hoped for empty seats in coach to allow them to see the movie.

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