Glimpses of 1946

This is a post-war update of yesterday’s 1931 along-the-way booklet. Whereas yesterday’s covered the route from New York to St. Louis, this one covers the “one-thousand-mile journey” from New York to Chicago by “Diesel-Electric Streamliner.”

Click image to download a 9.7-MB PDF of this 40-page booklet.

B&O’s route to Chicago missed most of the major cities between Pittsburgh and Chicago. The dip down to Washington made the route of the B&O’s premiere train, the Capitol Limited, 90 miles longer than PRR’s Broadway Limited, and for this and other reasons the B&O train took nearly five hours more between the two cities.

Note: This is the 1,000th post on Streamliner Memories. To celebrate, I’ve added a new feature: a drop-down menu giving quick access to all of the PDFs that are so far available. Click on PDF either here or in the above menu to see images of the PDFs. Because there are so many, I’ve divided them into 25 or so pages which I’ll update every month or so.

Looking back over the 1,000 posts, I am chagrined to discover that I missed two days since this web site began on August 1, 2012, but I partly made up for it by once posting twice in one day. To date, I have posted well over 1,200 PDFs of rail memorabilia, plus more than 200 large JPGs of posters, ads, and other items for which a PDF seemed unnecessary, plus hundreds of smaller JPGs.

The last time I counted, which was August 1 of 2014, I had more PDFs of Union Pacific items than any other railroads. Since then, the Great Northern has overtaken UP, with 286 different PDFs compared with 244 for UP. Third is Santa Fe at 150, followed by Burlington with 100, Southern Pacific with 93, Canadian Pacific with 76, and Northern Pacific with 75. No other railroad has more than 30 items.

Menus are the most common type of memorabilia posted so far, with 248 posted to date. Although I didn’t use these terms consistently from the start, I now call any collection of papers folded and (usually) bound together a “booklet” while a single sheet of folded paper is a “brochure.” By this definition, I have posted 243 booklets and 167 brochures. There are also 208 postcards, 104 blotters, 85 examples of on-board stationery, and about 108 other railroad-issued miscellaneous items.

I have enough items scanned and ready to post to last through the end of this year. I haven’t even begun scanning some larger items such as calendars, plus many unscanned timetables remain. So I suspect this will keep going well into 2016 if not beyond.


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  1. You have done an excellent job with Streamliner Memories. I know this has to be a labor of love since you’re not making any money from us who view your work. It’s appropriate that your 1000th post happens to be “Glimpses of 1946” since that’s the year I was born. I feel like I grew up with streamliners and the railroads of yesterday, and Streamliner Memories has been a great way to remember those times. Your scans are top notch, and always very readable. I always look forward to your new posts, and I’ve probably only gotten through 25% of the existing posts. Thanks for all your hard work.



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