Palliser Hotel Coffee Shop

Yesterday’s booklet about the Palliser Hotel mentioned the Penthouse Lounge (now open only to gold-level guest and the Range Room (which has since been remodeled as the Oak Room). But in 1950, the hotel had a a much more modest restaurant known simply as the coffee shop.

Click image to download a 1.2-MB PDF of this menu.

The menu features eight plate dinners including finnan haddie, cod, salmon, veal, and beef tenderloin; three dinner specials including hunter-style omelette, baked ham, and roast chicken; three salad plates; a dozen sandwiches; and various a la carte items including foie gras, pickled ox tongue, and a haunch of lamb. The most expensive item is the beef tenderloin dinner which, with soup, dessert, and beverage, is $2, or about $16 in today’s money.


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  1. What an odd menu for Calgary. I’d expect a lot more beef and not things like finnan haddie. Who wants an omelette with mashed potatoes? Spiced ham is a code word for canned – just ask the guys who ate tons of this in WWII. But at least the head cheese was homemade. And don’t be asking for any substitutes either! 🙂

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