Banff & Lake Louise Resort Hotels

In 1960, Canadian Pacific issued a series of eight-page, four-color booklets describing its major hotels. Though Banff Springs was probably CP’s largest hotel and Lake Louise was also very large, CP presented the two together in one booklet. This and other hotel booklets use a combination of color photos and graphics to illustrate the hotels and nearby recreation in both summer and winter.

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Despite the rugged outdoors that surrounded the hotels, CP’s brochure makes it clear that guests were welcome, if not expected, to pack their best dress clothes as well as swimsuits, hiking gear, golf shoes, and other outdoor clothing. “Nightly dances at [both] Banff and Lake Louise,” says the booklet, “are featured in ideal settings for the ladies’ loveliest gowns.”


Banff & Lake Louise Resort Hotels — 2 Comments

  1. I wore my gayest clothes when I was at Banff, no doubt about it. They weren’t kidding about the dances either. Gentlemen required a coat and tie. You also had to show your room key to get in. They didn’t want any of the riffraff from the stables showing up and causing trouble. It was a great place just to relax though. After dark, you didn’t have much choice. It was either go to the dance, hang around the “fully licenced” tap room and get plastered, or read a book. No TV, no movie theater, and I think I could get one radio station at night. The Russkies could have wiped out half the continent and you wouldn’t hear about for maybe three days. Seems hard to believe in this day of internet and smartphones but you went to places like Banff so you wouldn’t have to know what else was going in the world. I haven’t been back there since 1977, but I imagine every room has wifi now and your smartphone will keep you up to date with who posted a new cute kitten video on Facebook. Progress is not always moving forward.


  2. I too have not been back since 1977. I was there in September of that year. We would chose a dining room. Where is was a seven course meal and then dancing after. I was only 21 at the time and taught the entire room “the hustle”!! It was a Beautiful hotel as was the lake Louise hotel.

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